“The meal plan Tina created for me has really been working. I've been trying to gain weight for over 5 years and when I approached her looking for a mainly vegetarian meal plan I was skeptical of the potential for success. To my surprise I gained 10LBS in the first month of utilizing the meal plan and I've never felt better in my life.”

“Generally if I don't miss meals and eat good home-cooked food, get good sleep, I have an easier time staying balanced throughout the day. I think there are so many branching factors that affect anxiety and general stress such as diet and lack of sleep etc. and in my experience diet has been the most important of these branching factors. However I think the root cause of anxiety is the human capacity to be drawn out of the present. Thinking in general, about anything that isn't directly in front of you can bring you down if it is not a completely positive thought. The most effective practise for me has been to let myself be present. Things like snowboarding or music are easy paths to this freedom. Whatever it is for you, follow that. Stay with that thing that keeps you present and content. As for diet, I find that I can be removed from the present moment quite easily if I feel hungry or malnourished. I think this is crucial for myself and honestly all of the world right now. With fast food being the norm, and home-cooking a dying art, I think now is a major opportunity for humans as a species to go back to our roots. Not literally hunting and gathering but at least being conscious of what we consume and knowing what we need while simultaneously removing what we don't need. I myself am still learning what I need/don't need and it's very difficult after being raised on food tables that are largely inaccurate. I reached out to a friend, Christina Marie Lena, as she is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to create a meal plan for me. My requests were to remove Meat but we quickly found that my body appreciated the lack of Dairy and Starch as well. I'm still fresh on this journey but I can honestly say that I've never felt this good day to day in my life. I may have been more energetic as a child but not as balanced. Of course I am still focused on the ultimate practise of presence, but I am so grateful to be able to identify what my body and mind are lacking and move forward by utilizing that knowledge. If you had the patience to read this far and you are interested in altering your eating habits positively, or even just want to try some healthy and creative meals you should do yourself a favour and contact Christina or check out her website”


“I have been living with anxiety for all my life. It has become a part of me, and to be honest if there was a day that I didn’t feel anxious or have an anxiety attack it felt weird and I didn’t feel ’normal’. It’s crazy to think that my normal was anxiety. Exactly a year ago I started experiencing stomach pain. My immediate reaction to my pains were anxiety attack after anxiety attack, which made my pains worse. What was wrong with me, am I dying, am I going to be okay? Along with the pains, those anxious thoughts took me down a dark path (I now call it just another journey). I went to the doctor (many times, and even a trip to the ER) just for them to tell me there was nothing wrong with me. If you’ve ever told an anxious person they were going to be okay or nothing is wrong with them, I can guarantee you that did not make them feel better. I eventually started to do my own research and discovered that certain foods could have been triggering my stomach pains and also my anxiety. After cutting out certain foods on my own, I noticed a bit of a difference for sure. But it wasn’t until I met with Tina that things really started to change. 

I remember her coming to my house the first time we met to talk about the issues I was having. I wasn’t in a good place at all. She then told me the story of how she started her journey in Holistic Nutrition. When I listened to her talk, it was the first time that I started to feel like someone understood me. She had literally dealt with the exact same issues her entire life. Right then I felt a small part of me believe that maybe I was going to get better. 

Since then, I have met with her a few times. She put me on an elimination of certain foods, recommended certain supplements and suggested a couple of books to read. I did exactly what she told me to do and I can honestly tell you I feel like a brand new person. I was texting her a few days ago and I had told her that when I think back to how I felt then and how I feel now, I get very emotional. It hasn’t been easy, I will tell you that. But I was so determined to feel better and so sick of trying to figure out what was wrong with me that I was going to do whatever it took. AND I DID. Tina knew exactly what would help me, and by being disciplined and following her meal plans (her recipes are delicious) and taking the recommended supplements I began to feel not only like myself again, but the best I have ever felt. 

I can tell you today that I have not had any stomach pains for over a couple months, and the last time I had an anxiety attack was in August (almost 3 months ago). That is the longest in my entire life I have gone without one. I have a new ‘normal’ and it feels amazing. I HIGHLY recommend talking to Tina if you have any questions about Holistic Nutrition. She is passionate about what she does, and it truly shows. She has taught me so much and I will forever be thankful for the help she has given me and continues to give me. “


“I have been using Eats By Tee’s service for almost 3 months now, and I must say I’m impressed with the results I’ve received. I had issues with fatigue for quite sometime now – Tina offered many great recommendations on supplements and foods to combat this issue. In the last 3 months, I have noticed that acting on these recommendations have really helped with energy throughout the day. Aside from energy, Tina has given wonderful recommendations from anxiety to bloating to eczema. Eats By Tee is a wealth of knowledge – she works fast, hard, and diligently. Whenever I have questions about a new recipe I am trying, she is quick to answer! If there’s an ingredient that I’m not keen on, she is quick to recommend another nutritious ingredient. The recipes she provides are individually tailored to what you like while combining nutritious-ness! One aspect of the meal plan I find particularly helpful is the grocery list that is provided at the beginning on the plan – it gives me more to work off and gets me into the habit of buying whole foods.”