Bone Broth


Bone Broth

1 organic chicken (whole)

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

4 cups roughly chopped carrots, onions, beets, and celery

2 tbsp minced garlic

2 bay leaves

1 tbsp cayenne pepper

1 tbsp turmeric

1 tbsp chilli flakes

1 tbsp rosemary

1 tbsp thyme

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon sea salt

Filtered water


In the basin of a slow cooker, place the chicken, apple cider vinegar, carrots, onions, celery, bay leaves, and 1/2 the amount of seasonings.

Fill pot with filtered water until it covers the whole chicken by about an inch.

Cover with the lid slightly ajar, and cook on low for 12 hours for the chicken to cook.

Once chicken is cooked, remove skin and meat (use for other meals), and keep the bones. Add the chicken bones and carcass back into the slow cooker, add the next 1/2 amount of seasonings and cook on medium heat for another 12 hours.

Strain broth through a fine mesh sieve, remove the chicken bones and transfer to jars for storing in the fridge or freezer.

Once chilled, the broth should be jelly and have a layer of fat on top. Scrape off the and reheat the liquids.

Drink with chilli flakes, cilantro, lime juice, ginger, or make it into a soup.