Holistic nutrition focuses on the body as a whole, looking at the connection with the mind and spirit. Holistic meaning "whole", leads us to address the body by altering ones diet, lifestyle, and recommending supplements that may nourish the body. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist it is our mission to guide clients and the community to create a life of health and happiness while focusing on the body, mind, and spirit approach. Holistic Nutritionists educate our clients on how to nourish the body with whole, nutrient-dense foods, proper nourishment and supplementation, while maintaining a healthy balance with their lifestyle. Holistic nutritionists dive into all areas of the body and mind, bringing the body back to alignment. We guide our clients with what works best for their unique biochemical makeup and make recommendations based on what root causes may be present.

Why I Became a Registered Holistic nutritionist

I decided to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist because of my passion for health and wellness. During my health journey I always found that taking an alternative approach to my health gave me the most relief and forward healing. I have always been so interested in holistic healing and it has always aligned with myself. I love the whole “body, mind, and spirit” approach and found that is what has freed me from many health concerns and diagnosis’s in the past.

Which school did i attend and how did i like it

I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2015 for the 2-year online Natural Nutrition diploma program. It took me the full 2 years, as the first year I was still able to work full-time. I loved the courses and the material that came with it. Doing this program online was challenging, and I had to be 100% determined, but I enjoyed working at my own pace and the online forums were very helpful. Overall, I loved the program and am so happy I graduated with CSNN. One thing that I will be honest with right now, is that they do not do much guidance on starting your own nutrition business and consulting afterwards. But being a part of the alumni and talking to other Holistic Nutritionists are very helpful. There are also so many resources and business coaches out there that are extremely helpful.

Where do we meet for consultations

I am currently meeting my clients at Temple 23 and The Nature Doctors or online. I find that working with clients in an environment that they prefer, makes the consulting experience that much better. I want to make sure that the location is convenient for my clients.

do you consult online

Yes I do. My insurance allows me to consult online in other provinces. I will usually do these consults via Skype or Zoom. I treat these consultations like I would if they were in person. Please ask if you have further questions.

are you covered by insurance

As far as insurance goes, it is up to your insurance provider. In Manitoba we are covered by Great-West-Life, Sun Life, Manulife, Green Shield and health spending accounts. I am not covered under “Dietician” as I do not have the regulation. In other provinces such as BC, Ontario, Calgary, etc, Registered Holistic Nutritionists are often covered as they have been practicing in those provinces for a while. To make Holistic Nutritionists recognized by insurance providers in Manitoba, please let me know if your plan does not cover my services and I can provide you with a form for further recognition.