My First Blog Post

25 Fun Facts About Me


Hi, helllo! My real name is Christina! But you can call me Tina, T, T baby, eatsbytee, whatever you want . I am 23-years-old, and a registered holistic nutritionist living in the prairies. Welcome to my page! I am thrilled to have you be a part of my journey. Here are some fun facts about me

1. I am shy, awkward, dorky, weird, kind, loving, caring, genuine, and my family thinks I’m low key really funny “AND THEN I FOUND A SHOT GUN”

2. My favourite health food is zucchini and my least favourite health food is avocado and fish *gasp* ( I love pizza and still eat avocado anyways)

3. I am fascinated by the moon and the stars and how we are aligned with the universe. Who else?

4. I love the sun, yet I’m moved by the rain.

5. Fall is my favourite time of year- especially October

6. My favourite music is folk, alternative, classic rock, a lil bit of hip hop (RHCP, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Vance joy, Bon Iver..etc)

7. I have 6 siblings, and they’re all pretty rad. I think I rub off on them though. And Buster is my best friend.

8. I grew up watching tv and hated reading books. Now I hate watching tv and love reading books

9. If you walk into my room you’ll find some crystals, health books, incense, and angel cards. Took one trip to BC to figure myself out

10. If we were ever friends at any point in my life, you’ll always be my friend and I will always say hello.

11. I was terrible at cooking until 2 years ago.. my family just started eating the food I make my dads still adjusting to these “healthy” alterations.

12. I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world. But if I can make one person laugh, or smile, or be themselves in front of me. I think I did my job.

13. I have a HELL of a lot to learn. And I’m always changing. Growing is the key to success

14. I used to want to be everyone else but myself. I got so tired of that, now all I want to be is myself.

15. I went to school for business, then wanted to become a teacher, then wanted to go into creative communications, and I am so blessed that what I once thought were my“weaknesses” became my strengths, and I am doing what I love with nutrition.

16. I would also like to become a yoga teacher, meditation guide, herbalist, reiki master, naturopathic doctor, life coach, etc, etc. But I will see where my life takes me.

17. I am not very strong when it comes to grammar. I am working on that one day at a time :) If you ever see spelling errors, just let me know! I will never take it personally.

18. I am kind of an introvert forced to be an extrovert. I find that I thrive and feel my most authentic self when I am alone.

19. I prefer to wear comfy clothes. I have so many of my brother T-shirts and fashion has never been my strength, I am a comfort over looks kind of gal.

20. I LOVE the mountains and nature. I have been wanting to move out West for so long. This prairie girl cannot handle these ice cold winter anymore.

21. I can’t watch scary movies. I actually refuse to do so. No joke, I watched the Grudge in grade 5 and my parents had to take the closet out of my room because there was an attic in there. I still can’t stay home along at night because of it.

22. I do my own Tarot card readings and I think that makes me pretty cool.

23. I always wanted to fast-forward life to having a house, kids, marriage, etc. Now that I am almost 24 I am praying everyday for it to sloooooooow down.

24. I want to travel the world. All of Europe, Africa, Indonesia, Australia, SEA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, California. Eastern Canada, Peru, Colombia, etc etc.

25. I have a really really amazing life, and sometimes I take it for granted. But I’m slowly learning to appreciate everything and everyone around me, because we’ve only got this one life and we need to make it count

Christina Anania